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AILISHENG  ALS936N  Wheel Loader 1
AILISHENG  ALS936N  Wheel Loader 2
AILISHENG  ALS936N  Wheel Loader 3
AILISHENG  ALS936N  Wheel Loader 4
AILISHENG  ALS936N  Wheel Loader 1
AILISHENG  ALS936N  Wheel Loader 2
AILISHENG  ALS936N  Wheel Loader 3
AILISHENG  ALS936N  Wheel Loader 4

AILISHENG ALS936N Wheel Loader

Diesel engine meets stage II emission requirements for non-road machinery in China


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    ALS936N Specification

     Overall Dimension
    1 Length(with bucket on ground) 7200(mm)
    2 Width(to outside of wheels) 2320(mm)
    3 Bucket width 2500(mm)
    4 Height(To the top of the cab) 3180(mm)
    5 Wheel base 2850(mm)
    6 Min. ground clearance 345(mm)
    Technical Specification
    1 Rated load 3000(Kg)
    2 Operating weight 10000Kg
    3 Rated bucket capacity 1.7(m3),Option 2.0、2.3、2.5 (m3)
    4 Max. dump clearance 2905(mm)
    5 Dump reach 1095mm)
    6 Min. turning radius(wheel) 5685(mm)
    Diesel engine
    1 Model WeiChai   WP6G125E22
    2 Type Direct injection. 
    3 Rated output 92 (kW)
    5 Total exhaust of cylinder 6.75 (L)
    9 Rated speed 2200(r/min)
    10 Max. Torque 500(N.M) / 1400-1600 rpm
    Transmission System
    1 Type Power shift
    2 Gear shift position  4 F、 2 R
    3 Speed (F/R) F:7/12/24/36km/h  R:8.5/28
    4 Max. drawing force 97kN
    5 Size of tire 17.5-25-12PR
    Working Hydraulic System
    1 System pressure 16MPa
    2 Model of Muti-way directional valve  YGDF-25-00D1(X3)
    5 Pilot valve CRV-00(H4)
    Steering System
    1 Model of steering pump JHPg3113
    2 Model of redirector   BZZ5-E500C+FKBRB-3020
    3 Model of priority valve  YXL-F250F-15N7-A
    4 System pressure 15MPa
     Brake System
    1 Type of traveling brake  Caliper disc brake
    2 Air pressure 0.7~0.78 MPa
    3 Type of parking brake Caliper disc brake
    4 Type of Emergency brake  Caliper disc brake
     Oil Capacity
    1 Fuel(diesel) 200(L)
    2 Engine lubricating oil 14(L)
    3 Oil for converter and gear box 36(L)
    4 Oil for hydraulic system 165(L)
    5 Oil for driving axles(F/R) 18/18(L)

    The transmission fluid is designed for air cooling to improve cooling efficiency and enhance the working stability of the hydraulic system .

    Adopting large displacement piston pump to enlarge displacement by 30% ,the diameter of brake oil duct increase 50% , the technolgy of brake piston got a big breakthrough and obtained China National Patent , the brake heat release and the performance are also get a big breakthrough to reduce the braking fault ratio and improve working stability .

    The center of gravity of the engine move backward, and the longitudinal balance is stronger to avoid the rear wheels leave the ground.

    The overall improvement of the hydraulic system, optimize the connection mode of the hydraulic components , reduce the welding point, so as to reduce the hydraulic loss(reduce by 25%) and failure rate, , and improve the service life of the hydraulic element.

    Adopt power centralized distribution desgin , easy maintenance.Integrated fuse , relay, buzzer and so on.

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