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Electric Wheel Loaders

Electric wheel loaders are a type of construction equipment that are powered by electric motors, making them environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. They are similar in design to traditional wheel loaders, but are powered by rechargeable batteries, rather than diesel engines. AILISHENG electric wheel loaders are an excellent choice for businesses looking for more sustainable, lower-emission options. As technology continues to improve and batteries continue to become more efficient, we can expect to see more electric-powered construction equipment like electric wheel loaders hitting the job sites. AILISHENG electric wheel loaders can be widely used in various heavy load conditions such as gravel, coal, wood grab, concrete, port, tunnel, steel and so on.

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AILISHENG has a really strong commitment to meeting the requirements of the Paris Agreement on climate change and reducing carbon emissions. We also see a strong ambition in our customers’ roadmaps towards the reduction of their emissions. Increasing emission incentives and zero-emission targets coming into play in recent years have had a marked effect on the increase in electric construction machinery and equipment.
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