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Brand story

AILISHENG is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of intelligent mechanical equipment. The company is located in the beautiful island city of Xiamen. Currently, it has a professional team of about 100 employees, with more than 80% being scientific researchers and developers with a bachelor's degree or higher. Among them, there are three PhD holders and ten graduate students.

AILISHENG is a young brand, founded by a researcher and manager who has focused on the field of construction machinery for decades. He leads the market with extensive experience and innovative capabilities in the development, technology, and quality control of excavator machines. 

Based on profound development and management experience, the company focuses on the intelligentization and automation of construction machinery as its main research direction. Adhering to the concept of innovation and personalized research and development, the company has gained widespread recognition and praise from the market, and therefore has won the praise of many customers and industry honors in a very short time.

AILISHENG has a team of intelligent, innovative and technology-oriented professionals. Such an energetic and promising enterprise is the best platform for employees to realize their potentials, the optimal platform for serving customers, and the ideal stage for AILISHENG to become a leader in the industry.

Service philosophy: All for reliability. 
Service purposes: Wholehearted service, ready for you at any time.
Service goals: Delight customers, and exceed their expectations.
branded advantages

AILISHENG provides personalized one-stop customization services and products.

Products line as following

Special purpose machinery and attachments, can be customized, to design and manufacture according to specific requirements.

Agent conditions

Keep moving forward to produce high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable machines,  aim to provide comprehensive solutions and excellent customer service to meet the clients' needs.

Recognizing the AILISHENG brand and corporate culture to meet basic investment needs.
Established a business team specializing in AILISHENG products. The construction of sales and service networks consists of new network build-up, the enhancement of existing networks sales and service capability.
Have certain contacts and business resources in the local city.
The whole machine authorized the distribution of products and relevant regulations.
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Joining policy

Channel expansion: both the franchisee and AILISHENG will establishChannel expansion: both the franchisee and AILISHENG will establish a cooperative relationship based on friendly consultation, mutual benefit and reciprocity. Meanwhile, AILISHENG and the franchisee will negotiate the annual operation objectives, management and training matters in a friendly manner.

Annual Market Development Target:
Both Parties communicate on the annual target of actual sales volume and delivery volume of whole machines and choose one of them as the assessment standard according to the market situation.  Management and Training: According to the annual sales revenue and training demands of service personnel of the distributor, Both Parties could communicate and the distributor could either carry out the training plan dependently or cooperatively with the manufacturer.

In addition to the above content, please communicate matters need to be done, such as solving historical problem.
Franchise process
Let' s work together for a win-win situation and look forward to your joining!
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Joining application
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Company approval
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Signing the contract
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Sample order
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Sample shipment
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Exhibition hall arrangement
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Pre-sale training
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Sample display and sales
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Franchise application

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Keep moving forward to produce high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable machines,  aim to provide comprehensive solutions.
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