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Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are small, yet powerful machines that are widely used in a range of industries for various tasks, including digging, trenching, demolition, and excavation. Thanks to their small size, small excavators can be easily transferred using general-purpose transportation vehicles. Mini excavators are an excellent choice for small to medium construction projects, tight spaces, and tasks that require precise movements. Being smaller than traditional excavators, they are more affordable and easier to work with, making them a popular choice among small businesses and individuals working on various tasks and projects. Mini excavators are versatile machines that can be equipped with various attachments such as buckets, hammers, and augers, further boosting their usefulness for various applications. Looking for mini digger manufacturer & supplier, AILISHENG Construction Equipment will be your perfect choice.

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AILISHENG mini excavator ALS18 is a compact, powerful machine for trenching and landscaping in confined working conditions, such as in residential areas and industrial premises.
AILISHENG's compact excavators ALS60.9 is a classic model in Ailisheng's entire excavator product line and is designed for construction conditions. ALS60.9 excavator has strong power, fuel-saving, and high-efficiency characteristics and is widely used in various mines and medium-scale municipal projects.
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