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AILISHENG Mini Excavators ALS18 1
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AILISHENG Mini Excavators ALS18 1
AILISHENG Mini Excavators ALS18 2
AILISHENG Mini Excavators ALS18 3

AILISHENG Mini Excavators ALS18

AILISHENG mini excavator ALS18 is a compact, powerful machine for trenching and landscaping in confined working conditions, such as in residential areas and industrial premises.


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    Product features

    ALS18 combines a compact design with wide digging reach for efficient performance, excellent maneuverability, and tough durability to ensure an extended working life. 

    Ailisheng mini excavator ALS18 with KUBOTA D902 engine,NACHI main pump, Nabtesco control valve,Eaton swing motor, NAHHI travel motor.

    The ergonomic and sturdy joysticks, which work completely proportionally, expand the functions and possibilities for controlling the excavator. The operator can carry out movements more precisely and work with increased concentration.

    The powerful and well-balanced arm and bucket let you dig faster and more efficiently even in the toughest conditions.

    KUBOTA’s impressive D902 engine is engineered for maximum digging and lifting performance. They also deliver minimized noise and vibration, and meet the latest engine emission regulation.

    The wide variable track width provides superior stability so you can perform safely with its attachments. And the hydraulic system and powerful boom cylinder deliver the lifting power you need for a wide range of jobs. Combined, you get an advanced hydraulic system that automatically regulates and distributes the optimum amount of oil to each cylinder based on the weight of the load, for smooth, responsive and stable lifting capacity and operation.

    For excellent performances across uneven surfaces, the ALS18 has an extendable undercarriage. Retracted, it measures 990 mm, with reduced width offering greater maneuverability and access to confined spaces and through narrow entrances. By extending to 1240 mm, it offers greater frontal stability and lifting capability. And whether extended or retracted, this well-balanced machine offers excellent weight distribution. In addition, the extendable blade makes enlargement maneuvering quick and easy.

    With its swing boom, even the tightest spaces become efficient work places. The boom swing realizes direct digging operation close to the house edge without put the machine in motion.

    ALS18 has a wide range of powerful working applications for digging, lifting, loading and mulching. Plus, the increased efficiency of our bucket capacity, digging depth and load over height meet or exceed the requirements of today’s construction sites.

    Optional configurations also include retractable chassis, boom side sway, folding anti roll frame, four column ceiling, fast charging, photovoltaic charging, remote control device, etc.

    Main technical parameter

    1.8T Mini Excavator ALS18  
    Item Unit ALS18
     Main dimensions A  Full Length mm 3570
    B  Transporting Width mm 990/1240
    C  Overall height of cab mm 2250
    D  overall width mm 990/1240
    E  Total width of upper slewing platform mm 760/1010
    Working dimensions F  boom height mm 2630
    G  Distance from the center of gyration to the rear of the track mm 815
    H  Maximum digging height mm 3540
    I  Maximum dumping height mm 2440
    J  Maximum digging depth mm 2310
    K  Maximum Vertical Digging Depth mm 1910
    L  Maximum digging radius mm 3900
    M  Minimum turning radius mm 1430
    N  The minimum turning radius of the tail mm 620
    O  Maximum ground digging radius mm 3840
    P  Maximum lift of bulldozing blade mm 245
    Q  Maximum descending height of bulldozing blade mm 200
    Machine performance parameters  Operating weight Kg 1860
    Bucket capacity 0.04
    Maximum travelling speed Km/h 3.8
    Swing speed (rpm) 9
    Boom swing  angle left/right ° 65/58
    Gradeability % ° 58/30
    Ground pressure Kpa 25
    Bucket Digging Force KN 15.2
    Hydraulic system pressure Mpa 18
    Engine Brand   Kubota
    Model   D902
    Rated net power Kw 11.8
      Rated speed rpm 2300
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