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Skid Steer Loader Attachments
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The auger attachment can be adapted to skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, excavators and Mini skid steer loaders, which are used for digging tree pits during afforestation, digging poles on both sides of the road and other operations, with high efficiency and easy to use
The product is mainly used in farming and animal husbandry places, transferring haystacks, branches and other bulk materials.
This attachment can be adapted to skid steer loader, small whell loader, telescopic loader, telescopic forklit and other models, through hydraulic control of the upper bucket opening and closing, can grab grass, straw, branches and other materials.
Applicable for warehouse, wharf and other places with center hole cargo (such as: paper coil, steel strip coil, etc.) handling, with easy installation, flexible use, high efficiency.
This attachment is suitable for handling various forms of goods, such as rags, shredded paper, cotton, hay, industrial waste and other items.
The grapple fork can shovel, transport, load, grab, etc., suitable for processing block materials, such as: recycling cardboard, metal scrap, garden branches and so on. It can also be used to remove and carry stones in gardens.
The hydraulic drive snow blower is the ideal tool to remove the driveway, sidewalk and parking lot on the thick snow.
The trencher is mainly used for digging trenches, grooving, laying underground farmland pipelines, urban and rural optical cables.
The breaker is an airborne hydraulic hammer, which can be adapted to the excavator and skid steer loader.
The machine attachment can be installed in the skid steer loader, small wheel loader and other machines, can clean the dust and waste on the road, quickly clean the parking lot, sidewalk, wharf, warehouse and port and other sites.
The 4-in-1 bucket is suitable for skid steer loader. It is a multi-functional working tool integrating loading, moving, scraping and clamping.
It is a fork for small loader on the form of a device to achieve the function of forklift. Combined with the host prototype can achieve forklift can not complete the operation conditions, such as: matching crawler sliding loader in soft road handling goods, or muddy road handling conditions
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