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Grain Rain


Grain Rain

Grain Rain

The term “Grain Rain” is originated from a folk story. When Cang Jie, an official from the Yellow Emperor period, created writing characters, grain came down from sky like rainfall. Therefore, the Yellow Emperor named this day as the “Grain Rain”.


Grain Rain was originated from the ancient version "raingerminate all grains", every April 19th to 21st, the sun reaches 30degrees in longitude is Grain Rain, it is the so-called "Qingming off the snow, Grain Rain off the frost". When the Grain Rain is coming, it means that the cold weather has basically ended, the temperature rises faster, which is benefit for the growth of cereal crops.


Picking tea is a custom in Grain Rain in the south of China. It’s said that drinking tea in Grain Rain will help people clear away heat, exorcise evilspirits and improving eyesight. So no matter what the weather is like in Grain Rain this day, people will go to pick some new tea to drink. In the north of China people eat Chinese to on as a custom in Grain Rain, so we also say Chinese to on istender as silk in Grain Rain.

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