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Electric Construction Equipment Choices for Better Future


Electric Construction Equipment Choices for Better Future

World Earth Day

ESG, which stands for Environment, Social, and Governance, is a set of standards used to measure a company's performance in environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Against the backdrop of severe global environmental challenges, Ailisheng Company's ESG practices are particularly significant.

Zero emission

Ailisheng Company specializes in providing more efficient, energy-saving, and eco-friendly green intelligent equipment. The company's commitment to improving the world's environment is evident from product design to corporate operations and even the new energy products offered to customers. Ailisheng's line of new energy electric construction machinery mainly includes electric mini loaders, electric mini excavators, and electric skid steer loaders, all designed with energy efficiency as a primary goal.


Furthermore, Ailisheng actively promotes green office practices, encouraging employees to walk, cycle, or use public transportation to commute. This not only helps reduce traffic congestion but also lowers carbon emissions, playing a positive role in environmental protection.

Green Travel

Overall, Ailisheng's approach, from product design to corporate operations, fully reflects its commitment and responsibility towards environmental conservation. I believe that it is only with more companies following Ailisheng's example that we can collectively create a greener and more sustainable future for the world.

Lower noise
ESG New Material and Technology
Electric Construction Equipment Carbon Neutrality
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