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The commonly used earth and stone work machinery plays an important role in the fields of construction sites, mines, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy, etc. Many people think that bulldozers do not have as many actions as excavators and graders, so it should be very easy to drive. In fact, this is not the case. Although the bulldozer is easy to operate, there are many working conditions to deal with, so operators still need to master many construction operation skills, Let's learn together.

Skill 1:

Slow and heavy load is more efficient than fast and light load, and bulldozer should keep heavy load as much as possible during operation. Although the driving speed is relatively slow, it can reduce the number of round trips and the mileage of empty cars, which can save time and fuel consumption in general.


Skill 2:

When encountering long-distance soil pushing work, work in sections from front to back. Starting from the front end, each distance can just be filled with materials, so that you can move back after pushing a paragraph. This can not only reduce the driving distance of the bulldozer under full load, but also reduce the return distance of the bulldozer empty car, improve the working efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.


Skill 3:

Avoid material tumbling as much as possible. Many people think that the material rolling in front of the bulldozer is very good-looking, which is the performance of the strong power of the bulldozer. In fact, material turnover will increase the abrasion of shovel blade, blade and blade angle, and increase the fuel consumption of bulldozer. The correct approach is to continuously increase the load to the maximum after the shovel is cut in to improve work efficiency,When the load is full, lift the shovel slightly.


Skill 4:

When pushing soil near the mountain, you must master the principle of "high outside and low inside", that is, the side near the cliff should be higher, and the side near the mountain should be lower, so as to avoid unexpected danger of bulldozer. When pushing earthwork under the cliff, the speed should be slow, pay attention to slow down in time, and the Earth shovel cannot push out the edge of the cliff.


Skill 5:

When pushing soil under muddy and soft working conditions, the bulldozer is easy to fall into the car, so the amount of pushing soil for each shovel should not be too large. Try to avoid stopping, shifting gears, steering and braking during driving, and use second gear to push soil if necessary. In case of track slipping, you can properly raise the shovel to reduce the amount of soil pushing. If the bulldozer still can't move forward, you can hang reverse gear back.Don't lift the shovel at this time, in case the front part of the bulldozer is overloaded and tilted forward, causing the front part of the track to sink and the rear part to rise. At this time, it is also not allowed to turn, in case one side of the track is overloaded and aggravates the car. Once the car is trapped, do not frequently increase the throttle self-rescue to prevent the bulldozer from getting deeper and deeper.

Skill 6:

When pushing the stone buried in the ground, you should push it from high to low. At the beginning, you should use a small Accelerator. When the stone is loose, you should add a big accelerator to push the stone off. If it is a stone or stone slag piled up on the ground, the shovel knife should be tightly attached to the ground when pushing, and the track should also touch the ground as much as possible. If the stone slag is cleaned in a tunnel or underground hole,A road should be cleared from the edge first, and then the stone slag should be pushed out of the hole one by one from the edge to the middle.

Skill 7:

If the bulldozer wants to cross the river by wading, it should choose the place where the water flow is relatively fast, and try not to cross the river at the place where the water flow is slow, because the riverbed silt in this place is easy to fall into the car. The depth of the river water should not exceed the tip of the bulldozer's crankcase. Use the first or second-gear big throttle to quickly cross the river. Try not to pause or reverse the car in the middle.

Generally speaking, one principle should be mastered when the bulldozer works: First gear bulldozer works; Avoid unilateral load as much as possible, maintain stable bulldozer, and minimize the distance of empty cars.

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