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Ailisheng Robot Chassis ALST535 1
Ailisheng Robot Chassis ALST535 2
Ailisheng Robot Chassis ALST535 3
Ailisheng Robot Chassis ALST535 1
Ailisheng Robot Chassis ALST535 2
Ailisheng Robot Chassis ALST535 3

Ailisheng Robot Chassis ALST535

ALST535 is a high-performance dedicated tracked intelligent chassis designed for complex terrain. It uses wire control technology and standard communication protocols, allowing for secondary development based on user needs. With excellent performance, smart features, and scalability, ALST535 is an ideal choice for operations in various harsh environments.


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    Product features

    High Performance: ALST535 employs advanced wire control technology to achieve precise chassis control, improving driving stability and maneuverability. Its powerful power system and efficient transmission system enable outstanding performance in complex terrain.

     Dedicated Tracks: Equipped with specialized tracks, ALST535 adapts to various harsh terrains such as mud, sand, snow, etc. The track design enhances the vehicle's traction and mobility in complex terrains.

    Intelligent Chassis: ALST535 features intelligent chassis capabilities that allow for secondary development based on user requirements. Users can communicate with the chassis through standard communication protocols to achieve remote control and monitoring. Additionally, the chassis supports multiple sensors and actuators, enabling functions like autonomous driving and obstacle avoidance.

    Scalability: ALST535 offers good scalability, allowing users to add various accessories and equipment such as cameras, radars, lidar, etc., to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

    Easy Maintenance: Designed with modularity, ALST535 facilitates repair and component replacement. The chassis has a simple structure, making it easy to operate and maintain.

    Application Scenarios

    With its extension modules and navigation system, this chassis can be widely used in fire inspection, complex terrain inspection,

    CAFS fire extinguishing systems, casualty evacuation rescue, and other scenarios.

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    Main technical parameter



    Overall dimensions

    Overall dimensions

    Operating weight


    Rated load


    Rated motor power


    Max. power


    Max. gradeability


    Rollover angle


    Over-height of the obstacle


    Max. traction


    Max. speed




    Charge time



    Quick replacement lithium battery

    Water hose towing capability

    200m80ater hose (flushing)

    Shoe width


    Protect class


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