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AILISHENG Bulldozer ALS4321L 1
AILISHENG Bulldozer ALS4321L 1

AILISHENG Bulldozer ALS4321L

ALS4321L track bulldozer is a large-sized multipurpose track-type one used for shoveling and moving soil, sandstone, and things like that. It is widely applied in various earthwork engineering projects such as earth-bulldozing in mine fields, capital construction works, road construction sites and port construction projects etc., as well as operation tasks of grading earth, shoveling soil and towing machines.


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    AILISHENG Bulldozer ALS4321L 2


    Excellent Performance

    A diesel engine with turbocharger and fuel-feeding system of PT pump is adopted as the power supplier for the machine, with its characteristics of low fuel consumption, high power performance and large torque reserve.

    The diesel engine matches very well with the hydraulic torque converter and the transmission system, making a wide rotational speed range for machine traveling in high efficiency. Output power can be achieved perfectly, with the control of shifting on the transmission gearbox.  

    A hydraulic drive system is adopted for the working device, with its characteristics of simple structure, flexibility and reliability.

    The hydraulic-assisting mode is adopted in the control system, making the machine can be operated easily.

    A mode of hanging balance beam is adopted in the traveling system, making the machine works well in rugged areas.

    Centralized pressure-testing technology is applied for inspecting and debugging failure easily; the highly generalization of wearing parts makes it easier to maintain overall machine.

    The sound-proofing, heat-proofing and vibration-absorbing cab provides efficient operation space and excellent operation vision for the driver. The cab is also equipped with a comfortable adjustable driver’s seat  and  air conditioner , together with an optional  heater.

    Equipped with straight-tilting shovel as standard as well as U-shovel and angle shovel as options, all provided with well durable blade.

    Optionally equipped with the ripper, (3-tooth or 1-tooth available),u-shovel, angle blade, air conditioning , heater, rear ripper, ROPS frame, forest cabetc."


    Description Unit ALS4321L
    Engine Model type Cummins NTA855-C360
      Rated speed rpm 2000
      Rated power kW 257
    Travel Forward I km/h 03.6
        II km/h 06.6
        III km/h 011.5
      Reverse I km/h 04.4
        II km/h 07.8
        III km/h 013.5
    Work Blade height mm 1590
      Blade width mm 4130
      Max. depth mm 560
      Max. lift mm 1560
      Max. tilt adjustment mm 1000
      Pitch adjustment ° 55
    Specification Min. ground clearance mm 500
      Ground pressure Mpa 0.105
      Min. turning radius mm 3940
      Grade ability ° 30
      Blade Capacity 10.4
      Productivity m³/h 480
    Ripper Teeth   1 tooth 3 teeth
      Max. digging depth mm 1250 842
      Max. lift mm 955 883
      Teeth    Weight kg 4500 5050
    Basic Operating Weight kg 34390
    Basic DimensionLxWxH mm 6603x4130x3708.5
    With ripper and ROPS DimensionLxWxH mm 8916×4130×3708.5   (1tooth)
    8586×4130×3708.5  (3teeth)





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