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AILISHENG Bulldozer ALS422 1
AILISHENG Bulldozer ALS422 1

AILISHENG Bulldozer ALS422

220HP Hydraulic Standard Type Bulldozer ALS422


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    Scope of Application:

    ALS422 series bulldozers adopt advanced technologies such as centralized lubrication, centralized pressure measurement and automatic tightening of crawlers. It can be equipped with a variety of working devices and cabs to meet the various working conditions. They are ideal and efficient equipment for earth and stone construction work and bulk scraping.


    Main Features

    •A CUMMINS NT855-C280S10 engine which can meet gives you more power and reliability you need. Improved fuel economy over the previous model with strong torque output and low fuel consumption gives you excellent overall fluid efficiency.

    •The highly reliable power shift transmission, stable torque converter and the two-stage straight-tooth structure final drive transmit power efficiently.

    •It can realize automatic fault diagnosis and full monitoring.The overall cast instrument panel integrates air conditioning, electrical appliances and instruments into one, which is more beautiful and luxury.

    •The main frame of the full box structure adopts steel plate welded full box type integral structure, which is welded with the rear axle box. It has high impact load bearing capacity and resistance to bending and twisting. High quality weld seam ensures the main frame has a full life cycle.

    •According to the ergonomic design, the driver's seat and armrest can be adjusted up and down, the shifting, steering and throttle are placed on the left side, and the soft shaft structure is adopted. The working device is operated on the right side, and the servo control system is used to make the operation process more light and flexible.

    •The standard straight tilt blade features powerful cutting force and the three-shank ripper can be equipped for the ripping of clay and frozen earth, featuring high working efficiency and super-strong penetrating force

    Main Specifications

    Type Standard Hydraulic Crawler Type
    Engine ModelCUMMINS NT855-C280S10
    kw/rpmRated power175/1800
     Operating weight23.5 Ton
    (mm) Dimension(no ripper)5390×3735×3350
    (mm) Grounding length2730
    (MPa) Ground pressure0.077
    mm Track gauge2000
    (m³) Dozing capacity6.4
    mm Blade width3735
    mm Blade height1310
    mm Max drop below ground540
    mm Track shoe width560
    mm Pitch216
    Quantity of track link38
    Quantity of Carrier rollers4
    Quantity of Track rollers12
    MPa Max pressure14
    L/min Discharge262
    KN Max tractor force202
    (Km/h) Forward Speed
     (Km/h) Rear Speed

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